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Mission Statement
Education is a cooperative process among Wheelock teachers, parents and children which results in student reaching their academic, emotional, physical and social potential. The Wheelock Faculty and Staff implement a curriculum which is responsive to individual needs and learning styles in preparation for lifelong development of critical thinking skills.

In the spirit of teamwork, the Wheelock School community strives to be flexible in attitude, varied in approaches and progressive in ideas, methods and techniques. We work collaboratively and democratically toward the goal of clear, respectful, honest communication in an atmosphere of acceptance and respect. In collaboration with Keene State College and Antioch New England College, Wheelock faculty and staff strive to provide pre-service training and opportunities for sharing knowledge and resources with colleagues and students.

The Wheelock School Core Values provide a positive frame of reference which members of the entire school community agree are essential to our goal of having all students meet high standards. They are the foundation upon which direction is determined and decisions are made. These core values are a standard of measure to determine how well we are meeting the needs of our school community. They also provide a tool for reflection. Our decisions and actions should always honor these core values.

  • Wheelock School is a child centered school. It fosters individual and school pride, respect and responsibility for and among all members of the school community. It promotes a physically and emotionally safe environment for all.
  • Learning is the primary focus of Wheelock school. We value an integrated comprehensive curriculum and instructional strategies that meet the needs of and challenges all individuals.
  • Wheelock School values learning as a lifelong process that fosters effective teaching and the highest possible levels of achievement for all.
  • Wheelock School values positive, timely and effective communication among members of the school community. All efforts are made to include appropriate members in problem solving and decision making.
  • Educating students at Wheelock School is an active partnership among the entire school community.
  • Wheelock School values diversity. Each person has the right to be valued for his or her individuality and has the responsibility to adhere to school-wide expectations.
  • As we look at where we are and where we want to be, we value opportunities for improvement and growth. To this end we value seeking innovative ideas and implementing the best practices possible.
In 1885 the student population of Keene had outgrown the capacity of its existing school buildings. Four rented rooms, each in a different building, were being rented for use as schoolrooms. As a result, the people of Keene voted to build a new school. They purchased a lot of land from James B. Elliot at the end of Elliot Street at a price of two thousand dollars. Work on the new school was finished in 1887, at a cost of eight thousand dollars. The Elliot School was constructed of brick with a wooden roof. The school consisted of two rooms on the first floor. It wasn't until 1889 that the two rooms upstairs were completed for an additional fifteen hundred dollars. The Elliot School became a four room schoolhouse.

In 1909 Keene Normal School was established and Elliot School was used as a training school for new teachers.

In 1915 four new rooms were added, other rooms divided, and the Elliot School became known as Wheelock School, after George Wheelock, the first park commissioner in Keene. He gave the city of Keene both Robin Hood and Wheelock Parks.

In 1951, one hundred fifty-three thousand dollars was appropriated to add five classrooms, a kindergarten, and an all-purpose room to the Wheelock School. The project was completed in 1952.

In 1979 a building program in excess of one million dollars provided a two story, six room addition to the front of the existing building.

In 2003, Wheelock School and Keene State College formally ended the ninety-four year training school partnership, although many Keene State college students still visit Wheelock as part of their educational experience on their way to becoming educators.

Today, Wheelock School is one of five neighborhood elementary schools in the Keene School District. From its humble roots as a two room schoolhouse, Wheelock has evolved into a school of the twenty-first century. We are a fully networked school, boasting a computer laboratory, and many electronic teaching tools. Technology is integrated into various areas of the curriculum at all grade levels.